Surveillance and fire prevention

Safety and security have to be considered inalienable goods and among human rights. Nowadays they are more and more threatened. No matter the business field, Elisicilia can protect heliports, airports, oil and gas wells and any other activities and sites with high fire risk.

Aviation facilities management

Elisicilia offers global services in aviation management and supervision of heliports, helicopter landing pads and minor airports.


Elisicilia offers assistance to passengers, freight and carriers in heliports, helipads and minor airports even in partnership with other handlers, maintaining high standards and a deep care for a quality service.

Consulting and planning

In order to improve and optimize helicopter rescue and transport, Elisicilia aims at facility strengthening and development while providing high quality and reliable services.


Elisicilia has a dedicated training team can design and organize training programs consistent with the development plans of the learners’ competence and in accordance with current regulations.

Inspection, control and maintenance of aviation facilities

Inspection, control and ordinary maintenance of aviation facilities and plants managed by Elisicilia are carried out according to the aviation law and the aviation safety and security.

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