Elisicilia reserves particular importance to education and training initiatives because it believes that the possession, retention and skills development and capacity building of human resources are essential for the proper performance of the service.

In addition to the MANDATORY and enabling training to enable staff members to operate in compliance with the regulations that govern their activities, Elisicilia offers its training services to third parties both in the field of firefigthing that of safety and security.

Elisicilia provides its training activities either directly from the reference operating sites by specialized staff with the participation of “Training on the Job” that “e-learning”.
In addition the company is aware of the importance of the formative inside the familiarization of staff with actual risk situations, periodically conducts specific interventions at a training center, fully equipped for conducting training sessions on topics Fire Fighting . Safety and Security.

Elisicilia has a dedicated training team can design and organize training programs consistent with the development plans of the learners’ competence and in accordance with current regulations.
The professionalism of teachers and instructors, in accordance with the regulatory requirements in force, is subject to a detailed and constantly updated.

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